Garage doors provide safety, security and protection from the harsh weather conditions. Any garage door is used for long and is one of the largest moving parts of a home or a commercial space. However, owners face many problems, such as the door refuses to open, or opens halfway, or gets locked, etc. Here are some garage door repair tricks and quick fixes for you.

Visual and sound check
Visual and sound check must be done regularly. Check out the springs, cables, rollers and pulleys for any wear and tear or fraying. There could be some loose hardware, such as roller brackets which you can tighten up. Listen to the door when you open or close it. Open the door and push the button to close it. As the door is closing, wave your leg or a broomstick in front of the door’s ‘safety eyes.’ This will block the sensor beam and thus the door will reverse. The test will be failed if the door does not reverse. Use a dry cloth to wipe the sensors when the door is rolled down completely. Then open the door and repeat the test. If something doesn’t look or sound right, have the door inspected by an experienced professional Garage Door Repair Lake Forest.

Garage door balance
Observe the door when it is opening and closing. Do both sides of the door look symmetrical? If not, the garage door may not be properly balanced. Disconnect the opener using the manual, override and red-colored cord. Manually open the door up to the halfway mark and let it go. If the door doesn’t stay put in the same position, it means that the door is not properly balanced. Call a professional to get it adjusted.

Power outage
If the power to your garage is out, how will you open the door? Use the manual override (usually a red cord). Pull it out and use your own power to open and close the door.

Garage door won’t lock
If your garage door doesn’t lock, don’t fret. There is a quick fix for this issue. You may have noticed two horizontal slabs at the back of your garage door and some corresponding slots in the door track. Use these bars to lock the door. If the bars are not aligned correctly with the slots, you can unscrew the brackets to realign and reposition them. Lubricate the brackets and slots with oil.

Oil stains in the driveway
You can fix oil stains in the driveway with a trick. Take a piece of gypsum or plasterboard and reduce it to a crumble using a hammer. Sprinkle it over the stain and leave it for the night. Wash it off in the morning. In case of stubborn stains, reapply the crumble and brush the stain area with a broom. Sprinkle some more of the gypsum crumble and repeat the same step.

Saggy garage doors
Old garage doors can get saggy over time. You can firm up your garage door using tension rods that are at the back of the door. Place the rods diagonally from top to bottom corners and tighten them at the turnbuckle to straighten the door. If your garage door does not already have tension rods, you can buy them at home improvement centers or supermarkets.