I am sure that when people lock up their houses for the night, the garage door is generally the first. When you come back after a drive, you park your car and leave things there. Many people store several odds and ends in their garages along with the tool box. For the rest of the time, unless driving out or parking the car in, most homeowners forget about the garage, not to speak of the door. And one day, they realize that they have left the garage door for too long and something has gone grossly wrong.

It is a human tendency not to bother about things as long as they are working fine.Our perfect day may just be ruined before even appreciating the good weather. A day that has been started well most likely be end well. But when things go wrong with the garage, the whole day’s schedule will be ruined.Issues one encounters could be due to the weirdest of reasons sometimes, like the photo sensor being blocked by a tiny insect nest.

The five most common problems reported by customers to several Garage Door Repair Wilmette service providers are down below.

Garage door opens when you try to close
This could happen due to the interruption from the sensor beam. The photo sensor could have likely gone out of alignment. It may also be triggered by a faulty wiring to the electrical sensor.It would be good to do an inspection for finding out the likely reason.

Garage door is making loud, unusual noises
Garage doors can make quite a racket indeed. This may be caused by either the door or the door opener. If it is the doors,the torsion springs might need a little lubrication but this is only a general root cause.There could be some other issues, like a misalignment of door sections or the door dragging against its track.

Garage door would not budge, it remains opened or closed
This is likely when your remote’s batteries have gone out, so check out the remote. It could be the sensors or the switches as well.

Movement of the door is uneven
The garage door may just come down or go up more on one side than the other. You would be surprised that one of the more common causes is nothing but a little debris on the track.The solution is to keep the track clean. The motors controlling both of the sides also need to be checked out for any fault.

Garage door opens too slowly
No, it is not the garage door’s lazy day. Frequent uses may have started to burn down the motor and it may need replacement. This could also be due to an issue with the torsion springs.

It is recommended for you to regularly check out the condition of your garage door or call expert Garage Door Repair company in Wilmette to ensure hassle-free days.